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Best Sanitary Napkins for Heavy_Flow
UFree Sanitary Napkins

Periods surely give an woman a very tough time. This is particularly when there is excess flow of blood during the days. This phase is surely tiring and exhausting for any woman & what is more tiring and exhausting during these days is the need to change sanitary pads every 2 to 3 hours.

UFREE Sanitary Napkins

We know you all must have imagined a magical sanitary napkin that controls the flow all through the day without any fear of odour or stains, right? Well, if that’s what coming to your mind then we have an amazing thing coming your way and that is our UFree sanitary pads. These pads are extremely soft and comfortable and offer complete ease and comfort to every lady!

Our sanitary pads are a perfect thing to try for every age group of ladies. Whether you’re a housemaker or a businesswoman or professional or a young dynamic girl busy with her hectic school or academics schedule, UFree sanitary pads are perfect for each one of you. Our Anion technology makes sure to control heavy flow of blood throughout the day without the need to change the sanitary pads. You will be at absolute comfort and ease and will longer have to feel itchy or wet down there! UFree’s goal was to be a sanitary napkin that can be used all day long without having the need to change it.

Try out our sanitary napkin today to find out the goodness and comfort level yourself! Feel Free with UFree!

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