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Advantages of Sanitary Napkins
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Promoter of the project is Ms. Santosh Agarwal who is well associated with well established business group family and has long term vision in business. She is also associated with welfare activities of rural females specially in regard to health conditions of rural females and children's. It is her vision that many NGOS in India work for financially helping this rural society in time of need as they are subjected to many health problems but it will be more appropriate and proper if this rural society is made aware of hygienic living and making them available world class product at their door step which will reduce/eliminate their many health problems specially in females related to their productive system in body. Her vision and concern made her to go in for this project

During this time of the month of 4 - 5 days, women use sanitary napkins as a precautionary measure from letting the blood flow spoil their clothes and their surroundings.

Our product U-Free is a sanitary napkin for the ladies trying to soar the horizons in every situation of their life even during their menstrual cycles. A sanitary napkin or pad is a disposable absorbent pad; worn to absorb menstrual flow by the ladies.

It is said that on an average a woman may have as many as 400 periods in their lifetime, and can use up to 3,000 PADS during this tenure. This being a very large number , and it is very crucial to consider the health implications involved in the products that females use to control the flow of the blood during their periods. And the irony is that the testing for the safety of these products is conducted by their manufacturer itself and not by an independent organization.

There are many women who face similar problems when it comes to sanitary napkins. For some who do not know these common problems faced by women, let us tell you the strange and true side effects of sanitary napkins:

The most important thing one should know about sanitary napkins is that these napkins contain cellulose gel instead of cotton, which might attract various infections.

The other side effect of sanitary napkins might be that if it is worn continuously for more than three hours it can cause lumps on the vaginal area, which might attract irritation and miscellaneous infections.

One should also know that tampons, a type of sanitary napkin, contains two types of chemicals like of Dioxin and Rayon, which are equally hazardous for women.

These three side effects of sanitary napkin can really put anyone in a state of shock.

A woman’s immunity may often be at its weakest point during menstruation and if there are no proper measures are taken for protection during this period the health of the lady could be affected. As such, it is crucial to rectify some misconceptions and ill practices during menstruation. Researchers have proved that 73% of the women would feel itchiness and pain on few parts of the skin during menstruation. These mostly begin because of the use of non-air permeable sanitary napkins.

In order not to allow the liquid to flow through the sanitary napkins, an impermeable bottom layer is used by the manufacturers, most often made of plastic, which does not allow liquid or air to pass through either. In this way moisture and heat remain inside, creating a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria. This bacteria can provoke diseases amongst women such as anaerobe i.e. they will die in a period of 30 to 60 seconds in the presence of oxygen. Therefore; it is important for sanitary napkins and panty liners to allow air flow.

Just as every virus has its anti-virus, these problems also have a solution – U-Free. U-Free uses the Anion technology for giving a safe and protected skin and health to the women. And now before knowing the Anion technology, let’s learn what an Anion really is?

There are two categories of ions – positive and negative. Atoms that have lost one or more electrons due to a high-energy impact are Positive ions or Cations. Natural forces that generate Cations comprise of radon gas, the decay of radioactive minerals, forest fires, ultraviolet rays and lightning. Atoms or molecules having more electrons than protons and giving off what is known as, a negative charge are Negative ions or Anions. Naturally, Anions are created with air molecules split from radiation, sunlight, and moving air or water. Anions can be found near the ocean, in the forests, and surrounding waterfalls. It has been found that Anions help to eliminate depression, boost energy and relieve stress. Cations are considered to be harmful to the human body, while Anions are considered to be beneficial.

With Anion Technology used in U-Free, it makes it a better product than its present competitors in the market. And if you ask us how this technology makes our product different from others; following are the key features:-

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Compared to the traditional chemical fibre surface or rough cotton surface, U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin surface uses sterilized cotton making it softer, thinner and more comfortable.

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The base of U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin is permeable to air only and not to water, the hygiene is taken to the next level; compared to the traditional air and water impermeable plastic base, "Anion" leaves no room for bacterial diseases.

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The surface of U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin can absorb three times the amount of fluid traditional sanitary napkin can.

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U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin is installed with an anion strip inside the cotton setting, which emanates high density of Anions when used. During the process of Anion neutralization, the released oxygen could vanquish the major source that causes bacterial diseases. The generation of anaerobe bacteria depletes the odds of bacterial diseases and the complete process is chemical free.

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The packing of U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin embraces the material of high quality. It complies with the hygiene standard. The reusable, easy-pull seal is more likely to be damp-proof, mildew-proof and fungus-proof than the other materials. Every piece of napkin is packed by machines and sealed inside the production line itself. The hand free process ensures safety and sanitation.



The traditional padding of sanitary napkin is assembled from paper pulp, which is the outcome of processing recycled substances. During the process, a massive amount of deodorizer, caustic soda, fluoresce, bleaching powder, chemical substances are introduced, which engender great quantity of lead, bacteria and germs. These chemicals such as alkaline would damage skin's acid and alkali balance, and further leads to the propagation of bacteria and infusorians. On the other hand, U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin is made from water absorbing particles i.e. fully packed by strictly sterilized and dust-free paper. It firmly complies with the national hygiene standard.

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The base of the traditional sanitary napkin is mainly glued with industrial glue. The reliable glutinosity could not compensate the residual benzene left inside underwear. After the sanitary napkin is taken off this residue would get to user's sensitive area, causing diseases and threatening the health consequently. The glue used on U-Free’s "Anion" sanitary napkin is non-toxic in nature and edible glue.

With such features in the product, all the questions raised about the sanitary napkins being a killer has been answered with a single product namely; U-Free – which is a hygienic, air permeable and skin friendly in nature.

In conclusion, U- Free is keeping all the other competitors aside in terms of health of every woman and it is the best product available in the market today.

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